The Salem Community High School technology fee for the school year 2021-2022 is set at $80.00. In order to receive a waiver for this fee a student may elect to perform 16 hours of community service work under the direction of an authorized partnership agency.


  • Students will have to pay $20 or complete 4 iPad hours before their iPad will be issued at registration.
  • Students may pay $20 or complete 4 iPad hours in each of the grading quarters of the school year.
  • NEW Incentive: Students may deduct either $20 or 4 iPad hours if either paid in full or hours completed at registration ($60 or 12 hours).
  • Students are encouraged to complete all of their iPad hours in the summer.
  • The parent/guardian and the student are responsible for contacting the partner agency to arrange participation in services that count toward the successful completion of the 16 hours.
  • A listing of authorized partnership agencies is below.


    Upon completion of the required hours, this agreement must be completed and signed by the partnership agency authorized director, the student, and the parent/guardian.
  • The signed agreement should be submitted to the Salem Community High School Main Office.
Select the link below to obtain the required form:
Authorized Partnership Agency List (printable)